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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 Solar Flares, bunkers, and Mayan prophecies - Grand Rapids Paranormal |

Solar flares; are they the beginnings of the Doomsday prophecies.
When we look at the Mayan and their advanced knowledge of our solar system, even the most skeptical individuals may need a moment to pause. On Friday July 6, 2012 a ‘X-class’ eruption showed the power of the Sun’s 11-year solar flare cycle.
With Friday’s ‘Coronal Mass Ejections’, NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center reported, that the flare was 15 times the length of Earth, and say that more X-class eruptions will usher us into 2013.
Are these the events Mayans had witnessed and foretold of, incorporating them into their prolific prophecies? Were they telling us that over the next few months, we will not only have to take cover, but also change the way we do everything going forward? What will the future hold, or are we looking at the beginning of society ending, mega destruction?
Scientists everywhere disprove the theory of a global killing solar ray, yet even the best scientists only have historic and perceived data on this twenty-thousand year cycle.
Geologists and cosmologists alike cannot predict the idiosyncrasies of the Sun’s actions or their impact on Earth; they too can only report what events have taken place.
Taking in the latest heat wave that engulfed North America, will we soon be slathering on the SPF 1000? On the other hand, will we be looking for ways to survive in the depths of the Earth?
People at Vivos: believe, so much that they have placed a hefty price tag on their six-month all-inclusive packages. For the deluxe model stay in Indiana, you only have to dole out a mere $50,000 per adult and $35,000 for each child. However, for the budget conscience they have downsized some of their luxury suites to accommodate 1000 souls for the price of $9,950 per person in their economy section.
Remember the Titanic, steerage anyone?

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