A Businessman from Yiwu, China recently unveiled his disaster survival invention labeled as “China’s Noah’s Ark.” However, the other side is labeled “Atlantis” which makes me wonder about his knowledge of ancient myths.
Although it lacks the sleek design of the original ark, this orange ball is claimed to be shock-proof, water-proof, fire-proof, and radiation-proof.
This ball, sometimes referred to as a shelter, was unveiled in a demonstration conducted on August 6. A series of abusive tests were performed, with the inventor Yangzong Fu inside, to show us just how tough this thing is.
First it was rolled down a 50 meter high cliff where it seemed to have suffered some denting, but the man inside was unharmed. It was then lit on fire.
The ball is 4 meters in diameter and weighs 6 tons, but is said to be able to float on water.It’s equipped with a safety seat, monitoring system, ventilation, and toilet functionality making it completely habitable, all for the low low price of 1,500,000 yuan (US$236,000).
Before you go considering this investment, there are some odd things going on with this demonstration you may want to think about.  While the ball is 4 meters across the ball in the photo is clearly about 1m in diameter.  Of course they probably just used a scale model to save, uh, fire.
And although the guy inside was okay, he’s also wearing riot gear and looking inside the hatch he appears to be surrounded by weird springs.  It kind of looks like he’s rooming with H.R. Giger’s Alien in there.
Finally, when it comes to radiation-proof, you can trust that guarantee only as much as the person you’re buying it from. So give it some good thought before buying your own Noah’s Ark.
Who knows? If you’re right, you could be sitting pretty at the end of the world while I’m falling 50 meters to a fiery, watery, radioactive death.
Source: tt.mop (Chinese) via Hyokan Sunday (Japanese)
 The Chinese part reads: “China’s Noah’s Ark” / The English part spelled “For” wrong
 Looks cozy