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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

West Sussex floods prompt more than 600 emergency calls - Chichester Observer

IN the last 24 hours West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has received more than 600 emergency calls.
“Our fire and rescue crews have been working throughout the night and this morning in response to the severe weather conditions experienced across the county,” said a fire service spokeswoman.
Here’s a round-up of the incidents in the Observer area:
Fire crews were called to Lloyds bank in East Street, Chichester, at 3.10pm yesterday (December 23), as one square metre of tiles were loose on the vertical panel at front of building. The tiles were removed by fire crews.
At 7.20pm, firefighters were called to a house in East Street, Petworth, after flooding in a cellar. The water was pumped out by firefighters.
At 8.15pm, Petworth firefighters went to the A285 at Upwaltham to a car stuck in flood water. One person was trapped in the car, and firefighters assisted them, and removed the car from the water.
At 8.15pm firefighters from Midhurst went to the A272 at Midhurst as two people were trapped in a car submerged in flood water. They were rescued by fire crews.
The same thing happened in Heyshott at 8.35pm – two people were trapped in a vehicle which was stuck in fast flowing water.
Petworth firefighters went to Station Road in Petworth at 8.44pm, after a car crashed into a landslide.
The vehicle was dug out and the incident was left with police.
At 9.15pm, Storrington and Petworth firefighters were called to Kirdford after three people were trapped on a bridge in flood water. There was a fallen tree which prevented their escape. They were rescued by firefighters.
At 11pm, a large tree came down on the A283 at Fittleworth.
There were also multiple cars marooned in flood water, so the tree was cut up and removed from the road.
Just past midnight on Christmas Eve, Midhurst firefighters went to a house in Trotton as flood water entered the cellar affecting the boiler. They pumped out the water at left at 1.55am.
East Wittering fire crews were dispatched to Lurgashall at 3.18am after the ground floor of a home in Jobsons Lane was flooded.
The water was reduced to a safe level.
Chichester firefighters were dispatched to Heyshott at 3.30am after a cottage in Bex Lane was flooded. The crew assisted the occupier and diverted the water.
East Wittering firefighters headed to the A272 at Midhurst at 4.40am where a person was trapped in their car which was submerged in flood water.
The car was moved and the person was taken to safety.
A house in Burely Close Loxwood flooded and three people and a dog were rescued by Horsham’s fire crew at 5.50am.
In Wisborough Green, Petworth firefighters rescued a man from his car, which was trapped in flood water on the A272 at 7am.
Then a cottage in Glasshouse Lane, Kirdford was flooded, and Petworth fire crews pumped out the house at 8.30am.
Midhurst firefighters were called to Ashfield Road, in Midhurst, to flood water affecting four homes at 8.20am.
The water was pumped to a safe level.
“A reminder to all that due to the Fire Brigades Union strike between 7pm and midnight tonight West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service will still be responding to 999 calls but will be operating with a reduced number of resources,” said the fire service spokeswoman.
“Advice to everyone is to take extra care and visit our website for free fire and road safety advice.
Click here to visit the fire service website.


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